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Find the Right Learning Management Solution for You

Test, Monitor & Track

State of the art test engine and course tracking features, combined with a rich selection of reports enable you to easily monitor and track performance.


Make your training and learning courses exciting and engaging for your audience by applying game design thinking to the learning context. Create a competitive environment among learners by using badges or points that are won for achieving things inside the eLearning platform.

ILT-Classroom Training

With our Learning Management System you can schedule both classroom and blended online ILT training sessions by easily managing courses, sessions and locations.

Web conferencing

We allow integration with the most popular web conferencing tools to make management and delivery of training seamless.

Certification & Retraining

Create a certification program quickly and easily to validate skill levels for various topics. Users can get the certification by completing designated courses, learning plans, or approved external activities.

Employee Training

Give your employees access to courses on any device so they can actively take courses of their choice or those assigned to them by the organization based on what is related to their jobs.

Customer Training

Design your custom training portal for customers and quickly get your customers up to speed on your latest products and services.Identify business objectives to deliverable.

Compliance Training

Get off the shelf compliance training to ensure you are always fulfilling all regulatory requirements.Reporting allows you to easily drill down into completion rates and scores.

Channel Training

Easily assign courses to external partners across the globe and be assured all partners regardless of where they are in the world are always updated and have the latest skill sets.